New Leaf turns 5 in North America

Welcome to Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast! This weekend we had a very special day pass us by. Animal Crossing New Leaf has now been out for 5 years in North America. On June 9th, New Leaf was first released in regions outside of Japan. We finally got to experience the wonder of this game. With E3 around the corner, we celebrate New Leaf for a bit with comments from our discord members about things they liked about Animal Crossing New Leaf. It was fun to see how they felt about the game and what stood out to them when they played.

Nintendo E3 2018 Predictions

For the second half of our podcast, we are focusing in on E3 2018. Specifically, we make our predictions for what Nintendo could be showing us during the Nintendo Direct E3 2018. Of course, the main thing we want to see is Animal Crossing Switch. So do we think it is happening? Listen to find out! You are sure to have fun hearing what we think could be making an appearance at the show.

That said, we go over everything we know about from Nintendo going into the presentation. Games like Fire Emblem, Yoshi, Metroid, Super Smash Bros., and Pokemon are already on their radar. We are sure to get some details about those games. There have also been leaks for games that are playable on the show floor. Do we think any of these are real?

Finally, we even make our predictions on how we would feel if Nintendo were to skip announcing Animal Crossing Switch. It’s not something we enjoy thinking about because we so badly want a new game. But we let you all know when we think we’ll see Animal Crossing if it doesn’t make an appearance during the E3 presentation this year.

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