Welcome to! This is the best place to get connected to the community. I have links to all the different places you can find me throughout the Internet. Whether it’s my Patreon page, YouTube channel, or just my twitter feed, there are many ways to get the latest news on the games I play and the projects I have going on. Of course, this place would be nothing without my friends! Here are some important links so you can be part of the ChuyPlays Community:


If you want to support all of my projects it’s easy to do so! On my patreon site, you can become a backer to support all of the content creation over on ChuyPlays. You also get a whole lot of perks when you join. You get my friend codes so you can play with me on Switch, Wii U, and 3DS. I also hold different polls to vote on different aspects to my gameplay and podcasts. Best of all, you can even get entered to join us on the podcast.


This is the official Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast Discord Server. It is open to everyone, so you don’t have to be a patron on Patreon to get in. This is a place for fans of Animal Crossing to chat about anything about the series. Everybody is very warm and inviting and is there to have a good time talking about one of their favorite games. You can chat about Population Growing, Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, Happy Home Designer, amiibo Festival, and even your thoughts on the next game coming to the series!


My YouTube is where I post all of my gameplay videos. This includes videos for games like Animal Crossing, Splatoon, and even Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast! I also have live streams on YouTube to play games alone or with friends and fans. If you love Nintendo and quirky indie games, I have plenty of videos for you to enjoy!


I love twitter! Though I mostly retweet all things Nintendo and video games, you can also catch updates on when my new videos are posted. I also post tons of quick clips from Nintendo Switch games I play. Be sure to follow and get some Nintendo screenshots, videos, and my quick thoughts on any news coming from Nintendo.


If you like using Facebook, this is where I always post my latest videos and articles from the site. Articles can cover any video game topics that I’d like to discuss. I love to talk about Nintendo games, Indie titles, and a wide array of ideas within the community.


As you could probably guess, I spend a lot of time gaming and staying in tune with video games all over! With my instagram, I capture it all. Follow my instagram to see photos and videos of the video games I’m playing or the events I’m attending that are video game related.


Though I don’t use tumblr much, you can count on every single one of my videos to find its way there. If you love keeping up to date with things through tumblr, be sure to follow mine to see the latest video I post on YouTube.


If you love watching live streams of your favorite games, follow my Twitch channel to stay up to date on my streams. Though I mostly play Nintendo games, you never know what you’re gonna get. I love getting to interact with everybody on the stream and it’s a good time to chat with me live.


If you prefer, you can always follow my SoundCloud to listen to Haken: An Animal Crossing podcast. We understand everybody has their preference for listening to podcasts so we aim to have it on many other platforms in the future. For now, you can catch it here.