We are excited to bring you many great topics in Episode 10 of Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast. One of the biggest pieces of news is that I have recorded my own covers of Animal Crossing songs for the podcast. I hope you enjoy this new change, but I’m aiming to improve on the songs in the future. For now, this was my first run and I’m excited for you to enjoy the new sound for the podcast.

Nintendo Direct Mini | January 2018

This episode, Sergio and I take some time to discuss the latest Nintendo Direct. We talk about the things that excited us and the things that disappointed us. One thing we can say is that we expected some huge news from this direct seeing as it was the first of the year. However, it was a mini direct so we didn’t expect a huge announcement such as Animal Crossing to take the stage.

The Rover Garden Event

Of course, one of the biggest updates to come to Pocket Camp is news about Rover visiting our gardens. He has been able to really improve the gardening in the game and making it much more appealing as well as rewarding. Every aspect of gardening comes with a reward and it keeps you sucked into the event. You can plant flowers, capture bugs, harvest flowers, share bugs, and trade flowers to get rewarded in many different ways. No matter what we do, it is beneficial to our experience. This is a truly great start to the gardening event.

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Announcement?

Finally, there is one thing we are all hoping for and that is an Animal Crossing Switch announcement. Could this be the year that we finally get some word for our favorite game? Is Nintendo working on the next game and just holding off the news until we are closer to release? Are we going to see the game in a direct later this year? Is the game going to be shown off at E3 2018? Sergio and I take some time to speculate on when we could possible get an Animal Crossing Switch announcement.

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