How Rover’s Garden Event Went Bad

If you played the second half of Rover’s Garden Event, you were probably as disappointed as we were. Sergio and I quickly noticed that things became a lot more difficult to do. From terrible spawn rates to even worse capture rates, it felt like the last half of Rover’s event was nearly impossible to accomplish without leaf tickets. I for one, spent almost all of my leaf tickets to complete the event on time. It was unfortunate that the event went so badly in the end. It started out with so much promise!

Sergio and I go in depth on how everything went wrong and what Nintendo could possibly do to make it better. I thought it was too difficult to even get the flowers needed to complete the event. And every step after that was equally or even more difficult. It’s too bad that this event was ruined so quickly!

Animal Crossing Trademark Update

Nintendo has submitted an update to the Animal Crossing trademark. The words and phrasing used in the trademark are pointing to a new Animal Crossing game coming in the future… Could we be getting a new game sooner than we think? One of the biggest clues is that the trademark focuses on workding for a home console and handheld console. We believe the Switch fits that description perfectly. The trademark also notes different things such as controllers. I definitely hope we are getting some new joy con that are Animal Crossing themed!

Do We Think Animal Crossing Switch is Coming?

Sergio and I are huge fans of the Animal Crossing franchise. Naturally, we want to see a beautiful HD Animal Crossing game on the Nintendo Switch. We also think that is the perfect home for the series because we’d get a handheld experience while also being able to play on a beautiful big TV. So do we think the game is going to get announced soon and see a worldwide release? We give our thoughts on that topic in this episode.

A Gothic Gardening Event?

Finally, we launch into Pocket Camp once again and see what types of updates are on the way. We can tell a new gardening event is on the way and it is bringing some gothic Valentines day love to the game. We are excited to see what new items are going to be available through this gardening event. And we hope to see Nintendo fix the event to make them more manageable and less like a cash grab.

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