Lottie’s Garden Event

After the backlash from Rover’s Garden Safari, Nintendo has made adjustments to the gardening event to make the second half more enjoyable. It was great to see that everybody on social media also felt like the Pocket Camp gardening event was unfair and a clear cash grab. Luckily, Nintendo was listening and were able to respond and improve a lot of the problems we had with the event in the first place. It was overall, much easier to complete the event and get all the items Lottie had to offer.

We also talk about the progress we have made in Pocket Camp. We are always trying to build more amenities and invite more campers to enjoy our campsite.  There are also some new updates coming to the game. OK Motors are getting a little mini game called Break Tapper. Sergio and I make our guesses of how it would work. What we do know is that the game requires friendship powder to play. Luckily, we should have a lot from the gardening event.

Features We Want In Animal Crossing Switch

We have a new segment in this podcast where we talk about features that we want to see make an appearance in the next Animal Crossing game on Nintendo Switch. While Sergio and I come up with our own ideas, we have also asked our Patreon Patrons to give us one thing they’d like to see in the game. It was very fun to talk about the ideas everybody had and share what we’d like to see in the game.

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