Welcome back everybody! Today, we have a huge episode of Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast with tons of topics to cover. Seriously, I probably should’ve planned this episode out a little better, but we do have a lot of really fun things to talk about! We allowed our patrons on Patreon to submit some questions for us to discuss on this episode.

Pocket Camp Break Tapper

We have gotten a new mini game over at OK Motors. They have a little slot machine where we can use Friend Powder to win caps and trade those in for prizes. We have options for new clothing and some OK Motors inspired furniture. However, these things take a lot of caps to actually get! While playing the game is pretty cheap, it will end up costing a lot just trying to get enough caps for any of the prizes.

Other Pocket Camp Updates

Outside of the new mini game, there were a whole slew of updates to the game. We got level up animations, the ability to dress up our villagers, and a brand new way to customize and personalize our campsites! We have been really enjoying the quality of life changes to the game and make it feel more alive. Dressing up the villagers is really charming and they even include a little fashion show after they have gotten their new outfit on.

Pocket Camp Custom Terrains

The biggest update to the game has been the updates to the campsite. We can now customize the terrain of the campsite and give our campsite a whole new look! I bought pine trees with Christmas lights and now my campsite looks so festive! Too bad the game has also updated to spring and made the lights look a bit out of place. However, we are excited to see what other options we’ll have to give our campsite a new look that stands out.

A New Town in New Leaf

I have finally taken the jump and bought a new copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo. The game with the longest title in the world. Regardless, after 5 years, I am finally able to start a brand new town because I’m never going to restart my original town. I talk about the three things I plan on doing differently in this play through. Funny enough, there are 2 specific regrets I have had since the very first day of playing the game. I’ll be talking about Haken|2.

Patreon Supports Ask Us Questions!

Finally, the last portion of the episode, we answer questions that were submitted by our Patreon supporters. Dragonflame323 asked Sergio and I who our favorite characters in Animal Crossing are. Sergio and I both give our heartfelt answers and why we personally have our favorite characters. You get a chance to learn a bit more about us through this question! After, we discuss the market for Animal Crossing and how we feel Pocket Camp is affecting that market.

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