On this episode of Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast we talk about the most recent Nintendo Direct that took place. We give you all a huge recap of everything that was announced and what we are excited to see. Unfortunately, it was also a pretty bitter sweet event because of the absence of an Animal Crossing Switch announcement. Do we think we’re going to be seeing an Animal Crossing game later this year? We sure hope so.

For now, we go over the confusing announcements like WarioWare and Luigi’s Mansion for 3DS. We also talk about the big announcement we were not expecting, Super Smash Bros. Switch. It’s tough to not be a little bit hyped for a new Super Smash Bros. Unfortunately, I think the lack of Animal Crossing is starting to get to us. You can hear our thoughts about everything announced and why we are holding out for an Animal Crossing announcement.

Finally, the end of the show is to cover some of the latest Pocket Camp events. The end of Leif’s Gardening Event just happened so we discuss how it went. There is also a Mario Event going on with special Mario themed items. We have even gotten some new characters in the game through our good friend Gulliver. There is really a lot going on in Pocket Camp all the time. Is this great for the game? Or is it backfiring?

Also, Sergio has picked up New Leaf once again and is trying to bring his town of Madera back to the glory days! He tells us all about his goals for improving his town and making it look really nice.

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