In this episode of Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast, we have gotten the chance to speak with somebody very special to the Animal Crossing Community. Jeremy is the founder of one of the biggest Animal Crossing forums of all time, The Bell Tree Forums. This is a great place for players to meet each other, interact, and share their love for Animal Crossing. The site is a popular place to perform trades, visit new people, and experience the world of Animal Crossing in the best way possible.

Jeremy started this forum when he was 14 and has been very busy with the site ever since. Though the site doesn’t currently have too much traffic due to the lack of a new game, Jeremy has a lot to teach us about the inner workings of the forum. He discusses the community that was built and the different events they create to keep the site buzzing with its loyal fanbase.

We’ll be sure to get a quick history of his experiences creating the site and building up the team to handle the inner workings. I also take the time to ask him about his own background with the Animal Crossing series. I find out when he first started playing Animal Crossing and which games in the franchise he has played. After the Interview, we go back into Pocket Camp to talk about all the latest updates coming to the game.

If you are interested in their Animal Crossing Forum, visit The Bell Tree Forums today!


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