Welcome back to Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast. We have taken a week long break for Easter and some trips to see family. Of course, there is a lot that has happened once again. Pocket Camp has had a big Gardening event once again. Zipper T. Bunny visited our campsites and lead us straight down the rabbit hole. We have received a large amount of Alice in Wonderland themed items and furniture for this event. On top of that, there were more Super Mario Event items available with plenty of leaf tickets to win!


Our biggest topic for the day is the recent discovery on the Animal Crossing website. The official website seems to have some surprise sections added that could point to some major Animal Crossing updates. The site was found to have a news and videos section added. These sections both have filler content that is normal for any early builds on a website. Since their discovery, Nintendo has been redirecting that link to the home page of their website.

This is the biggest evidence we have gotten for a new game yet! Is this really pointing toward Nintendo working on an Animal Crossing Switch title? Are we going to be getting a major announcement for the next game this year? Sergio and I talk about all these things and our hopes to see a new Animal Crossing game soon!

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