In this episode of Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast, Sergio and I start by going over the latest updates to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp such as Gulliver’s Cargo Ship and Fortune Cookies. Then we go into some special moments that we’ve experienced in Animal Crossing. It is the 17th Anniversary of Animal Crossing and it’s time to celebrate! We also talk about when we could possibly see the next Animal Crossing game.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Gulliver’s Cargo Ship

Gulliver has shown up on Sunburst Island in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Once again, he isn’t quite sure what he’s doing there, but we do finally get confirmation that he is a sailor and indeed travels on a ship. This time, he isn’t going to just gift us something for helping him with his memory. Initially he asks for one piece of furniture and comes back within 3 minutes with some goodies. He then asks us for 10 pieces of furniture and then disappears for about 6 hours before returning with some goodies. While the rewards don’t seem great at first, we do get a chance of getting a new villager in our campsite! We talk about how we feel about this feature so far.

Pocket Camp Adds Fortune Cookies and Microtransactions

There is a new shop coming to the marketplace in Pocket Camp. This little shop will be run by one of the Nooklings and it’ll add gachapon mechanics to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. In other words, we will have another way to spend our leaf tickets and in turn, spend more money on the game through microtransactions. It is clear to see that Nintendo is having trouble making money off of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and they are adding mechanics into the game that leads to greater earnings. We discuss how we feel about the current prices for Leaf Ticket items in Pocket Camp.

Special Moments In Animal Crossing

Sergio and I had some fun conversations with our friends on Discord about all things Animal Crossing. It was especially big this week because we just had the 17th anniversary of Animal Crossing. Sergio asked if they could share any major memory or moment from Animal Crossing that has stuck with them. It was so great to hear from everybody and what they loved about Animal Crossing and what has made the game feel so special to them.

Is Animal Crossing Switch Getting Announced at E3?

Finally, it’s time to talk about Animal Crossing Switch and if it is possible that we’ll see the new game revealed at E3. We read a lot of thoughts from our different listeners so they can let us know what they think about the next game. Hopefully, we can get some special news this year about the game!

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