Pocket Camp adds Fortune Cookie Microtransactions

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has added gachapon mechanics through Fortune Cookies. Gachapon is a Japanese word that refers to quarter machines filled with different goodies. These goodies can be duplicates so there is always a risk of getting something you already have through one of these machines. Fortune Cookies work in a similar way in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. You spend 50 leaf tickets and you get one item from a fortune cookie. While the first round, you are sure to find something new, after a while, you’ll be more and more likely to get duplicate items.

They have added three different cookies with many different styles. You can create a cute café with Marshal’s Pastry Cookie, a concert with Rosie’s Pop-Star Cookie, or my favorite, a space camp with Filbert’s Rocket Cookie. They do give you incredibly cute ways to decorate your campsite in much bigger ways. Also, it’s about time we get the tools we need to make a space camp. Of course, the gacha system is risky and it is easy to spend way too much money on getting these items.

50 Leaf Tickets is a steep price for each Fortune Cookie. Sergio and I find it unfortunate that the price is this high on a premium item. It is definitely expensive to get an entire set of all the items that belong to each cookie. Each cookie features 10 unique items, meaning you’d have to spend 500 leaf tickets and get really lucky to get an entire set! Most likely, you’ll be spending upwards of 500 leaf tickets and see yourself down $40. Luckily, you can find some of these special cookies for sale using bells instead of leaf tickets. Hopefully that’ll help you complete these sets. As for me, I’m broke.

Is it Time for Animal Crossing Switch?

In the final portion of this show, we discuss the new YouTube series I created called, Is it Time for Animal Crossing Switch? The first episode is focused on every single rumor I could find that talked about Animal Crossing Switch getting announced or worked on. I believe that Animal Crossing is going to get announced for the Nintendo Switch this E3, so I’m desperately looking for clues if it really is happening. It is crazy to see very little information on Animal Crossing and we’re starting to wonder why news has been so quiet.

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