Pocket Camp Updates

Pocket Camp has gotten a huge string of updates over the last week. The game has received another fortune cookie that is featuring some exciting new furniture! That’s right, we can finally get our own Nintendo Switch in our campsite. We also see some new paint jobs available at OK Motors. What do these new designs have in store for our style? A new event has begun and we are tasked to scavenge for gyroids throughout our campsite. The Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt gives us more to do around our camps.

Brewster gets his own special item, Brewster’s Coop. We can finally invite somebody who can provide us all with delicious coffee. The game now allows us to set some notifications so we can be alerted of certain events in the game. They truly come in handy to learn certain things. We have some new daily log in bonuses to give us a bit more of a reward for playing every day. They have also created some memories that we can experience with our villagers. These should provide some nice skits for us to enjoy when we play some Pocket Camp.

Our Early E3 Nintendo Predictions

Finally, we spend the last half of the show discussing some very early predictions for the upcoming E3 event. I recently started a series focused around all the reasons we should see Animal Crossing Switch at E3 this year. Sergio and I make our guesses at whether or not we will be seeing any type of announcement for Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch.

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