Katie’s Flower Party and More

Pocket Camp has a new event going on and it is another Gardening event. This time we have a bunch of fruity furniture to collect as we capture our creatures and share them with others. They also added a handful of new villagers which means new furniture to craft. Craft the new items and get the chance to invite some of your favorite villagers over to your campsite. We’re here to provide you with all the tips and tricks to having a successful gardening event.

AC Spinoffs and Switch

We spend some time discussing my latest episode of Is It Time for Animal Crossing Switch. We are still wondering if we’re going to get some news about Animal Crossing Switch at the upcoming E3 Event. We are definitely hoping that it is indeed time to hear about it. Finally, we discuss the Animal Crossing spinoff games that we have gotten since Animal Crossing New Leaf. It is a unique set of games that we’ve been getting since the last mainline title. We end the show by answering some questions submitted by our Patreon supporters.

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