Katie’s Gardening Event is Over

Another Pocket Camp gardening event has come and gone and we’re here to talk about how things went. Sergio had a pretty easy time completing this gardening event because he spent a lot of time playing the game this time around. I was on the opposite end and I spent a lot more time asking for help on Discord. We ended up completing the events and even had some extra flowers to share with everybody. We also talk about using up some of the extra flowers we had to buy a bunch of essences to use on our amenities.

We also discuss the leaf ticket items and the things that interest us in the game. I know my focus has been to complete all the amenities. There are some upcoming updates for Pocket Camp that have been datamined as well. Sergio covers all the big things that are coming to the game and what we think of what is coming back to the game.

More Animal Crossing Switch Wishes

In this episode, we also go over some big wishes that we have for the next Animal Crossing game. While we both wish that the game will be announced at E3, we do manage to find some other wishes for the next game. I have a big idea that will give us much better control over our towns and give us more ways to improve how we place Public Works Projects. Sergio also shares some great ways we could play Animal Crossing in the future.

E3 Plans

Sergio and I have started planning out the E3 festivities when the event finally rolls around. We are both going to take the day off and make sure to have a big live podcast event directly after the show. We’re hoping we hear some good news from Nintendo so the show won’t be too much of a bummer. It is exciting that we could possibly see an HD Animal Crossing game for the first time.

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