2nd Pocket Camp Fishing Tournament

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has another event going on. Chip is back and having us catch a new set of fish to reach the goals and get some prizes. The sea butterfly is giving us some trouble though, because it feels like we’re not getting too much closer to the goal. Chip also has a lot of goals around the regular fish in the ocean. Complete the Chip Goals and you’ll be able to get some special items that Chip has brought over.

There is also a new special item that features Brewster. He’ll show up to your campsite ready to make some coffee on the go for all your campers. Brewster’s stand is really cute and it’s a fun new item to use in your campsite. On top of that, Sergio and I discuss our need to decorate our campsite a little more.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Inspiring Animal Crossing Switch

We’ve been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf again and it has made us realize there are a lot of things we’d like in Animal Crossing Switch. Sergio and I go through our playtime and talk about how gameplay and features can be improved in the next game. We bring plenty of ideas to go over and give us a better experience of the next game.

Games to Play While Waiting for Animal Crossing Switch

Sergio and I are impatiently waiting for Animal Crossing Switch to come out. While we’re waiting to hear about the game, we’ve been filling our time with other games. We’ll discuss many of the games we’ve been playing to fill our void. We cover many life simulation types of games that could fill that need for the life sim goodness of Animal Crossing. We also cover other genres that might be interesting for Animal Crossing fans.

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