Live Podcast Announcement

Sergio and I are planning to have a big live event for E3 to discuss the show and hopefully the announcement of Animal Crossing Switch. We are going to host a test event for the next podcast and make sure we are well equipped to have a live show after Nintendo’s E3 Event. We’ve both taken the day off for E3 and will be looking forward to all the news.

Pocket Camp Fishing Tournament Ends

The latest fishing tournament has ended and we recap the ending of this event. We discuss how we did in this tournament and if we got all the prizes. Sergio and I also talk about taking a break from Pocket Camp. With the addition of Fortune Cookies, we are trying to lessen our need to get every single item in the game. We don’t want to go broke buying all these cookies. So now, we’re discussing our strategies to stop feeling this constant need to get every item in this Animal Crossing game.

More Games to Fill the Animal Crossing Void

We wanted to revisit more games that could help us fill the void of Animal Crossing Switch. We know the wait for Animal Crossing has been incredibly difficult and thus far, we’ve heard nothing about this game. In order to keep ourselves sane, we have come up with even more games that we can all play to help the wait for Animal Crossing. We don’t know if Nintendo is working on the next game, so we just have to bunker down and keep ourselves distracted.

More Animal Crossing Switch Wishes

We have come up with more ideas for Animal Crossing Switch. Since Nintendo isn’t tell us about the game, all we can really do is guess about what types of features we’ll have. We’ve had a lot of time to think about what could happen to the next game. It’s always fun to think about new gameplay mechanics and controls for the next Animal Crossing game.

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