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In this episode of Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast, we welcome Conner from UberCrit. He creates a wide variety of video game related content on YouTube and his website ubercrit.com. He and I talk about Animal Crossing and our ideas on when the new game will be released on almost a daily basis. This is a chance to get a bit of insight into our daily conversations. We came in talking about our ideas for the new game and when we think we’ll be seeing the new game.

Our first little bit talks about our current New Leaf projects. We know the game has been out almost five years, but we are still finding ways to keep it interesting. My projects include buying tons of bushes and lining my paths with them. Also, finding as many red flowers to grow in my town. Now that I have every amiibo card, I have been moving in villagers that have the right home to fit my town’s aesthetic.

Ideas For Animal Crossing Switch

The bulk of this episode is focused on the ideas we have for the next Animal Crossing game. Of course, now that the Switch is out, we feel it is the perfect system for the new game. We want to see a fully HD rendered world with plenty of new activities to entertain us for ours. We have come up with a huge amount of ideas from ways they can improve decorating your home and town, to how the story in this game could be setup. I think we have plenty of great ideas that are sure to make the fans happy.

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