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Episode 4 of Haken: An Animal Crossing Podcast turns out to be one of the biggest episodes yet. One of the reasons it is such a big deal is because I have finally found a cohost to join me on the show. Sergio discusses his own history with each Animal Crossing title. We get a good insight in his background in the franchise and what it has meant to him. Learn more about our new host as he tells us about his gameplay with Population Growing, Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf.

Of course, we also go into the spin off titles, Happy Home Designer and amiibo Festival. While these games were limited compared to the full titles, they still introduced some nice changes to Animal Crossing. Well, in amiibo Festival’s case, it introduced a great new mini game. The next big update was to New Leaf, and that added new amiibo cards along with a bunch of new gameplay features to the 3 year old game.

Nintendo Announces Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the newest spin off and the official mobile title introduced during the most recent direct. Sergio and I discuss our initial reactions to the direct and what we liked and were worried about with the release. For one, they introduced the pay-to-play style game play through their system called leaf tickets. We also discuss the controls and little aesthetic changes to the game.

We Discuss Pocket Camp Gameplay

Though the game was just announced, it was quickly released in Australia. Thanks to the power of the Internet, the game was made available on both iOS and Android devices. Sergio and I both downloaded the game on our Android phones and quickly got to playing the game. We discuss our experiences with the game and how we feel about the game overall so far. We also give some helpful tips to those just starting the game.

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