On November 8th, 2017, Japan reached its 5 year anniversary of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. After the game’s initial release in Japan, it took about 7 more months for it to reach other regions in the world. North America got the game on June, 9th 2013. Meanwhile, Sergio and I suffer through the long wait and we talk about coping with life without Animal Crossing during that time.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Progress

The episode opens with a discussion about our progress on Nintendo’s mobile app, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. We talk about the game’s slower progress in the higher levels. We also cover some of the amenities we are planning on building. The tents are the first hurdle to get over because of how much cotton players need to collect. Another speed bump is found in the form of essences. Being able to collect these materials will allow you to build bigger amenities.

How We Waited for Animal Crossing

Because the game was out in Japan, there were many videos popping up on YouTube of gameplay and such. Sergio only watched enough to see if you could take off your shoes and socks. I watched a lot more to see some of the features of the game. There were several YouTubers I would follow regularly to get my weekly dose of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. After some stories on the wait for the game, we also discuss the actual release date and how everything went.

Sergio was excited to get 2 weeks of vacation in order to get a lot of time with Animal Crossing once it came out. I was rear ended shortly after getting the game and it was quite the speed bump that kept me from finally getting to enjoy the game. We also cover some of the new additions to the game that made it a truly special game in the series. The updates to the game and the new possibilities kept us coming back for more.

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