Will there be an Animal Crossing Switch Trailer?

In this episode of Haken, it’s time to talk about all the rumors about a January Nintendo Direct and whether or not we’ll see an Animal Crossing Switch trailer. Sergio and I discuss the different scenarios of how the news about Animal Crossing can play out. Will Nintendo show us a trailer during their first direct of the year or save the trailer for later in the year? 2017 and 2018 were very different news years for Nintendo and directs were handled very differently. Nintendo can choose to give us a skeleton of the year like 2017 or give us seasonal news like 2018?

We hope that Animal Crossing Switch can at least get the Super Smash Bros Ultimate treatment and be the main focus of the year for Nintendo. We want a huge presence at each Nintendo Direct, a dedicated Animal Crossing Direct and more! That would make up for the years of waiting we’ve had between mainline titles. November 2019 will mark 7 years since the last mainline Animal Crossing game has released.

Will Animal Crossing Switch have Microtransactions?

One of the biggest features of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is Leaf Tickets. They are premium in-game currency that needs to be bought using real money. With this type of mechanic being introduced into the mobile game, a lot of the community fears that we’ll get a similar type of feature in Animal Crossing Switch. Of course, Sergio and I are hoping that we will not see microtransactions in the new game, unless they are more like amiibo in Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo.

Ideas for Animal Crossing Switch DLC

Finally, the last portion of the show, Sergio and I talk in depth about ideas we have for Animal Crossing Switch DLC. We have gotten free DLC in Animal Crossing games in the past, but we talk of a more expansive premium DLC option. In the past, Nintendo was proud of not charging for DLC, but that has been a very different story in the Switch era with games like Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 receiving DLC.

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