Sergio and I have been playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for a while now, but this episode comes with an exciting new thing that we have never seen before. The first event comes to Pocket Camp and it has us scrambling to collect many candy canes in order to collect all the special furniture available. This is the first major event to occur in Pocket Camp and it brings us a great taste of what we can experience in the app in the future.

This new event has brought new furniture and a special new crafting material to create all the furniture. Candy canes are collected by doing chores for villagers and they can even be found in the quarry several times a day. You need a huge number of candy canes to collect each piece but we feel there is enough time to do so.

Progress Update

We have been decorating our campsites and campers to make them perfectly represent our styles. Sergio has a soccer field with K.K. Slider performing right in the middle. It’s a fun setup for anybody who is a fan of soccer and K.K. I focused on getting specific pieces for my camper. I started building duplicate items in order to have them in both my campsite and my camper. Though my downstairs is a bit ugly, my upstairs rooms feels like a nice little home.

More Tips and Tricks

We discuss a bit about purchasing leaf tickets and using them in the game. One thing to note is that I tried to buy leaf tickets but I did not receive the leaf tickets. After submitting the error, I received my money back. We discuss the best options for using leaf tickets. It can be difficult to keep up with the Villager’s demands. It is also good to do some collecting after you have depleted your stock of items. After you have finished your villager requests, it can help to go collect some items and prepare for the next cycle.

We found one of the best ways to enjoy the game is by taking advantage of the market box. Filling up your market box is a great way to get some extra money from items you have in bulk. On top of that, you can utilize other market boxes to get items that you need to complete tasks for villagers. One great note for the market boxes is that they only show 4 items from each person. While giving kudos to people, you can check their market boxes more thoroughly.

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