The latest update to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has brought the biggest changes to the game yet. Right after the update, you get to see a new wintery title screen for the game, but that’s not what is big about this change. This update has finally brought a new area to our campsites allowing us to plant and grow flowers. These flowers can be used to get a wide variety of new items and even introduce some new flower colors that we’ve never seen before.

Sergio and I take a deep dive into the garden to discuss everything we can do with this update. We go through the process of buying seeds, planting them, watering them, and eventually harvesting them to trade or cross pollinate for rare flowers. We also make our own guesses on the creatures we can catch and what that will eventually mean for the garden. Overall, it’s a great update that we are excited about and hope to do plenty of gardening over our break.

Pocket Camp Crafting Materials

One of the most important features of Pocket Camp is the crafting materials. They allow you to build a lot of different items and amenities in the world. They help you invite new villagers and build new attractions and furniture that they can enjoy in your campsite. Of course, some materials always run out so it is important to find some methods to restock and get even more crafting materials than ever. I go into a deep explanation of My Nintendo and how you can use it to get more crafting materials.

My Nintendo is Nintendo’s reward service that allows you to trade My Nintendo Points for different in game items. One of the most beneficial rewards is the crafting materials. For 50 points, you can get 20 crafting materials of your choice. I provide plenty of information to get the most My Nintendo Points possible without too much effort. There are tons of options and they can help you craft those items that you want the most!

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